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The Collaboration Challenge: How Teamwork Breeds Efficiency

Collaboration Challenge Deposition Services Los Angeles

The results of successful collaborations can be spotted in all areas of the human experience. On athletic playing fields, in the corporate stage, and within the community specter, successful teamwork is frequently celebrated. In fact, the connection between teamwork and success is readily apparent.

But, what if you’re an attorney, who’s legal teamwork consists of fewer people than found in a hockey team’s starting lineup? Can small legal firms reap the same benefits that mega-firms gain through their company sponsored team building retreats?

The truth is, small law firms can experience team-style benefits by making positive legal industry collaborations. Even solo law professional can find like-minded teammates and improve their practice’s efficiency. 49% of attorneys in the US, operate as “one-man-bands,” while a further 26% are part of firms considered small by the ABA. When small firms pool their resources together through collaboration, it can offer each firm similar benefits to those gained by large firms through their corporate teamwork initiatives.

Collaboration Brings New Potential

Collaborations frequently bring new potential clients to small law firms. Creating connections with attorneys and law professionals outside your firm and area of expertise will improve your ability to serve your clients. Ideas to make new connections can include:

Host an open house. Open your office doors and welcome other law professionals in your area. While guests enjoy cupcakes and charcuterie, you may find common ground that sparks collaborations.

Small Law Office Meet Up. Start a new club in your area for small and solo law practices to join. Host monthly meetings with current topics of interest or interesting guest speakers.

Positive relationships formed between individual law offices can increase your incoming referrals. By forming crafty, and beneficial connections in your area, you are also staying competitive amongst the more than 1.7 million attorney’s practicing law in the United States.

Collaboration Benefits Your Clients

When your clients benefit, your law office benefits too. Providing clients with access to the best representation possible may, on occasion, require referring them to another attorney whose specialty is not offered at all small firms. If your office is small and limited in scope, offering a referral reflects positively on you. Having connections in different law offices as a result of legal industry teamwork creates a pool of resources that your clients can depend on.

Collaboration Builds Goodwill and Positive Reputation

Having a good reputation among your peers is good for business. One way to create and maintain a good reputation is with consistent and meaningful collaboration. When groups of people are working together towards a unified goal, they often form strong bonds. When law offices support collaboration, it positively impacts their clients and their position in the community.

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