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The Importance of Attorney Well-being

Importance of Attorney Wellbeing

Common sense tells us that your firm is only as strong as your attorneys. So, how can you make sure that your attorneys are operating at their highest level? It all starts with attorney wellbeing. Your attorneys are at their best when they feel that their wellbeing is supported throughout all levels of your organization. In this article, we’re going to answer some common questions about attorney wellbeing from law firm leadership.

What qualifies as ‘wellbeing’?

To paraphrase the words of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, while you may not be able to define attorney wellbeing, you know it when you see it! For example, your firm might choose to offer wellness programs, teach a skills class on stress management and resilience, or provide awareness training to help identify early warning signs of mental health problems. All of those things would qualify as supporting attorney wellbeing.

What programs are available to support wellbeing?

Attorney wellbeing is currently the subject of a pilot program at the University of Pennsylvania Law School (Penn Law). The course teaches professional responsibility and explains how to integrate attorney well-being into law school curriculums. It’s currently available as a free resource for other law schools.

For those outside of law school, the ABA formed The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being in 2017. The group later published compelling research on attorney wellbeing and included recommendations that could lead to a more sustainable legal profession.

What are the direct effects of attorney wellbeing in my firm?

The simple truth is high quality, sustainable work comes from healthy attorneys. Resilience and stress management tactics contribute to a more pleasant working environment and ultimately increases productivity. By supporting wellness, mindfulness, and healthy habits – your firm can help change the face of the legal profession.

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