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Technology is constantly evolving, and legal technology is no exception to the rule. Of course, the legal industry is deeply traditional and slow to change. However, the past decade has seen broad adaptation and acceptance of tools such as trial presentation animations and remote depositions. With proper use, these technological tools can lead to unparalleled security and efficiency.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the future of legal technology and discuss the benefits of early adaptation. Furthermore, we’ll cover the risks of relying on outdated programs or manual input.

The Accuracy of Automation

When asked to explain their hesitance toward new legal technologies, many in the legal industry will share their concerns about accuracy and unexpected errors. The prevailing belief is that manual input is the most reliable. However, the truth is, automation can dramatically increase accuracy, especially in large teams.

For example, let’s say multiple attorneys are working on the same document. Over time, multiple versions are shared and circulated. Some changes happen in one document, others in an earlier draft. Before long, it’s nearly impossible to separate the latest changes and organize the final document. When you’re working with highly specific documents, such as arguments or contracts, small omissions and accuracy errors can compromise your case or put your client at risk.

Automation offers one potential solution to the problem. By routing the document through a seamless, organized workflow, everyone retains constant access to the latest version. This not only reduces time spent coordinating with others, but it also lowers the risk for error.

Legal Technology that Enables Productivity

Whether you’ve chosen to automate your work through an online platform or in-house software, technological tools are the ultimate time-saver. For example, cloud-based document repositories, like those provided at First Legal, can help you save space in your office and reduce the time spent searching for specific information.

You can also find legal technology that will eliminate organizational tasks. For example, if attorneys at your firm need to receive documents in an orderly fashion, automation allows you to create file paths that will update and send those documents along as each person completes their work. This not only reduces the organizational burden but also helps employees avoid the exhaustion and boredom that comes with performing repetitive tasks.

Sophisticated Security

Finally, in addition to improved accuracy and increased productivity, advanced technological tools provide additional security for your firm. Automation makes it possible to reduce reliance on physical documents while protecting their digital counterparts. Studies have shown that human error frequently contributes to security breaches, especially those that occur through email. By relying on internal legal technology to share confidential documents between team members, you can reduce the risk that the information will be compromised. This security is important to your clients, and it can save your firm thousands of dollars in regulatory fines that may result from a breach.

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