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When you look back at the past year, how would you define your law firm branding? Did you invest in marketing or define your workplace culture? If you’re like most firms, you didn’t spend much time thinking about branding. In fact, you may think branding is unnecessary because you’re already managing a full caseload. However, the truth is that the legal industry is changing, and firms will need to evolve to maintain their status. Today, we’re sharing our tips to improve your law firm’s branding in 2019!

#1 – Identify your values

Branding involves more than a catchy name and a modern logo! Before you make any changes, take the time to determine the values of your firm. If you’re in a competitive market, your values can help you stand out and outrank other firms in your area.

Corporate values are particularly important for middle-market firms. At this level, clients might choose between you and a competitor based on a few sentences on your website. Furthermore, your staff is at a size where you can truly implement your values internally, and from the top down.

To get started, create a list of three to five core values that will help you position the firm for the future! Consider how you provide value and service to your clients. Do you prioritize integrity and respect for the individual? In what ways do you encourage diversity and promote positive social values? When you assess your operations, you’ll likely find clear values already in place. By taking the time to identify and reaffirm these traits, you can solidify your place in the legal industry.

#2 – Analyze the competition

You know your market better than anyone else! As you consider your branding, think of your top three competitors. How do they present themselves online? What does their website look like? Do they connect with clients on an emotional level or rely on prestige and statistics to sell their services?

In order to choose a direction for your branding, you need to know what’s working and what’s not. After you’ve identified common traits among your competitors, take a moment to consider their lead generation methods. If competing firms aren’t ranking on search engines, it’s possible they are relying on word of mouth and referrals! This creates a valuable gap in the market that your firm could fill. By investing energy in branding, you can differentiate your firm and elevate your reputation.

#3 – Create a culture

People think the phrase “workplace culture” is just a millennial buzzword, but the truth is, office culture has a very real impact on everything about your firm – from public perception to the types of cases you can get. The look of your website, offices, and the conduct of your staff should be dictated by your approach to capturing your target market. Culture, even more than corporate values, has an effect internally. You want employees at every level of the company to feel that they are part of something larger and be able to deliver an exceptional experience and value to every client who walks through your doors.

Branding is a puzzle made up of many individual pieces. That means that you don’t have to change everything about your firm in order to make branding a priority! Small tweaks, such as adding a testimonial video or including staff photos on your website, can create change that resonates at every level of the client experience! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can also contact digital marketing and branding agencies for assistance in the process.

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