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Data Continues to Demonstrate That Pre-Arraignment Release Protocols Promote Public Safety and Equality; Data Dashboard Available at

Today, the Superior Court of Los Angeles County unveiled a comprehensive data dashboard providing real-time, detailed information and statistics associated with the Court’s Pre-Arraignment Release Protocols (PARPs) launched on October 1, 2023, Presiding Judge Samantha P. Jessner announced. The PARPs reflect the Court’s commitment to making pre-arraignment release decisions with regard to arrests for non-violent, non-serious offenses based on individualized risk rather than access to money. The PARP Dashboard (Dashboard) is available on the Court’s PARP resource page, under the header “About the Pre-Arraignment Release Protocols.”

The safe and fair Pre-Arraignment Release Protocols determine release status for individuals booked into a jail in Los Angeles County on a non-serious, non-violent offense based on an arrestee’s risk to public or victim safety and their likelihood of returning to court and reduces reliance on money bail as a condition of release with regard to those offenses. Data continues to indicate that the PARPs are effective at balancing the need for public and victim safety with the constitutional rights of the accused. The majority of those determined by a magistrate to be a significant risk have been ordered temporarily held in jail prior to arraignment, while the majority of those who are assessed as posing little risk have been ordered released.

“The PARP Dashboard launched today embodies the Court’s commitment to data transparency regarding this important and impactful shift away from a pretrial release system strictly based on an arrestee’s access to money towards a more equitable, constitutionally sound release system based on an arrestee’s risk to public and victim safety and likelihood of returning to court with regard to non-serious, non-violent misdemeanors and felonies,” Presiding Judge Samantha P. Jessner said. “This dashboard provides members of our community with real-time data so they can see for themselves how the PARPs facilitate the protection of public safety while ensuring that those who pose little risk do not languish in jail simply
because they cannot afford to pay their way out.”

PARPs provide guidance to law enforcement as to whether an arrestee who is booked into jail for a non-violent, non-serious felony or misdemeanor should be released: Cite and Release (CR), Book and Release (BR) or referred to a magistrate for an individualized determination of that arrestee’s risk to public or victim safety and likelihood of returning to court (MR). Arrestees referred to MR undergo individualized risk determinations and consideration of tailored release orders or no release prior to arraignment. Law enforcement is permitted to request to elevate CR or BR bookings to MR by placing a call to provide information on the individual’s enhanced risk.

The PARP Dashboard breaks down countywide bookings by PARP category and shows the risk profile of those held after consideration by a magistrate versus those released.

Approximately five months since the PARPs became effective in Los Angeles County, data continues to show that the PARPs result in effective, risk-based release decisions, appropriately tying pre-arraignment release decisions for non-violent, non-serious felonies and misdemeanors to risk, rather than the arrestee’s financial means.

As of February 27, 2024:

  • 84% of those arrested on PARP-eligible non-violent, non-serious offenses and released by a magistrate were assessed as having a low-risk of re-offending; and
  • 73% of those arrested on PARP-eligible non-violent, non-serious offenses and held by a magistrate were assessed as having a medium-to-high risk of re-offending.

“We continue to be encouraged by the PARP results which show that the PARPs contribute to improved public safety” said Executive Officer/Clerk of Court David W. Slayton. “With the launch of this new dashboard, the public will now be able to monitor data trends alongside our partners in law enforcement, the County, elected officials and members of our communities.”

For information on the Court’s current programs and services, follow the Court on X, formerly known as Twitter (@LASuperiorCourt) and visit the Court’s website,

You can view the full notice here.

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