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Court Notice


San Bernardino Superior Court (SBSC) is excited to announce that electronic filing (eFiling) will be available for small claims cases effective on Monday, May 8, 2023.

Aligned with SBSC’s Strategic Plan, eFiling expands access to justice by leveraging cost-effective technology solutions. eFiling provides convenience for court users and removes barriers related to geographic location within our county and socio-economic status. With eFiling, attorneys and the public can file documents and pay fees electronically any time of the day without having to come to court.

While eFiling is strongly encouraged for attorneys and the public, at this time, it is voluntary. Those who prefer to continue to file in person, by FileSubmit, or through the mail can continue to do so. Using a phased-in approach, SBSC has the following eFiling implementation schedule:

Case Type | Implementation Date
Probate | March 20, 2023
Small Claims | May 8, 2023
Civil & Landlord Tenant | Fall/Winter 2023
Family Law & Appeals | Spring 2024

You can visit the eFiling webpage for more information on eFiling rules, tips to ensure your filing is accepted, and much more.

“We are very excited to continue to move forward with implementing technological solutions to better serve our community,” said Assistant Presiding Judge Lisa M. Rogan. “We continue to move quickly and effectively towards full implementation.”

You can view the current notice here.

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