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Court Notice


The Civil Department would like to announce an important change to the reservation system for the law and motion calendars. Over the next couple weeks, the Clerk’s Office will be implementing a new procedure under which the Court will no longer provide reservation dates for law and motion matters. Moving forward, the Clerk’s Office will assign a hearing date at the time the motion is filed.

Ex parte applications and motions filed under Code of Civil Procedure sections 128.5 and 128.7 are exceptions to the new procedure. In addition, this new procedure will not affect the probate calendars heard on Tuesdays in Department 4 and Fridays in Department P2.

As part of the change in process, the Clerk’s Office will send miscellaneous minute orders vacating reservations for law and motion matters with hearing dates set after January 1, 2024. If moving papers are already on file in connection with those reservations, those motions will remain on calendar. Existing law and motion reservations through December 31, 2023, will remain in place.

For additional information, please review the proposed changes to the Local Rules. Specifically, rules 7.05.1, 7.06, 7.07, and 7.23. Please note that Local Rule 7.23 sets forth a new labeling requirement for discovery motions to help streamline discovery motions which seek initial responses.

In addition to the proposed changes to the local rules, the Court has adopted two new local forms: (1) Request and Order to Continue Motion (CV008) and (2) Request to Withdraw Motion (CV009). The first form may be used by the moving party to request another hearing date if the moving party has not yet served the motion. The second form allows the moving party to unilaterally withdraw a motion. Please refer to the local forms and proposed local rules for additional details.

You can view the full notice here.

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