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Tackling a Telephonic Deposition

Tackling A Telephonic Deposition

In the rapidly changing field of litigation, technological advancements are allowing the law to go places it couldn’t before. Although not as comprehensive as fully virtual depositions, telephonic depositions are a great option for many firms. Choosing to hold a telephonic deposition decreases travel costs and saves valuable time. If you’re performing a telephonic deposition, check out these tips for tackling it:

Station a court reporter with the witness

The words “telephonic deposition” naturally lend themselves to imagining a fully audio-based setup. While this is possible, it’s not advisable. People tend to talk over one another frequently during phone calls, and particularly during depositions that have high emotional stakes. Placing a court reporting in the same physical location as the witness helps you end the deposition with a better record.

Be conscious of your court reporter

While your court reporter may feel comfortable speaking up, it’s important to recognize that there are multiple similar sounding voices on the same call and you’ll need to identify yourself before you speak. This is not just helpful to the court reporter; it also ensures your deposition runs more smoothly because you’ll be cognizant of the record.

Provide the best possible service list before deposition

Whenever you can, it’s helpful to provide your court reporter with a service list before the deposition even begins. This advance notice allows them to input information to their appearance page or simply check off the name. Take the time to be clear about who each participant is representing. It’s difficult for reporters to keep track of new and difficult spellings over the phone, and they will always appreciate that you have been mindful of their job.

There are very few attorneys who prefer telephonic depositions. True virtual depositions, however, are rapidly rising in popularity because of the advanced visual tools and transcript synchronization options. However, you can make the most of your telephonic deposition when you’re organized and ready for action! To find out more about telephonic depositions, contact us today! We’re standing by to help you.

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