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Document Rejection

As a legal professional, you know that the law deals in specificity. To keep everything consistent, the court establishes and enforces certain rules. This is equally true when it comes to eFiling. Style and format are important to ensure a successful filing. So what can you do to avoid a costly rejection?

1. Carefully select your font
This may sound like a small choice, but in reality, it’s an important one. At the state level, California courts require a font that is “essentially equivalent to Courier, Times New Roman, or Arial.” The specific rules may be different for your local court, but the state guidelines are a great jumping off point for formatting decisions. For more information about fonts, check out our article about eFiling fonts and formatting!

2. Enhance your PDF submissions
One of the largest advantages of PDF submissions is that they can be easily searched, bookmarked, and tagged. A PDF can also contain hyperlinks and automatically apply Bates stamping. These tools are available in most standard PDF editing software. When you employ these tools with your PDF filing, you’re making it easier for the reader to locate and retain relevant information.

3. Review your document carefully
Believe it or not, this can be one of the hardest rules to follow! Although it seems like common sense, many of us are in the habit of clicking straight through submission reviews to get to a confirmation page. The review pages are intended to help you catch last minute errors, and they’re most effective when the person submitting the document takes a moment to look at the information with new eyes. You may even find that a case number has been changed or information was improperly redacted!

4. Choose an EFSP
Choosing a service provider can be a long process, but it’s well worth the time! A full-service company, like First Legal, will be equipped to help you with your case from file through trial. Whether it’s submitting a courtesy copy on your behalf or advancing relevant court fees, with an eService provider, you’ll save both money and time! We employ only the most talented and experienced legal professionals who will use their expertise to ensure that your case is filed correctly every time!

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