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Tips for Client Relationships During Coronavirus

This is a defining moment for the legal industry. COVID-19 has forced many legal professionals to adapt, changing how they deliver legal services and interact with clients, seemingly overnight. Businesses and individuals across the country are grappling with the economic and legal implications of coronavirus. At the same time, the demand for legal support has increased exponentially.

As you work to anticipate and answer client questions, consider the following tips:

Offer Actionable Advice

Before coronavirus, thought leadership was considered an effective marketing tool. It was also a means to differentiate one law firm from another. Many think pieces focused on highly theoretical topics or slow, long-term industry changes. However, at this moment in history, thought leadership is far more important than ever before. The information and advice you share can have an immediate impact.

In the midst of a saturated news cycle, it’s harder than ever to capture the attention of your clients. Try to reach out only when you have actionable advice to offer. You can also let clients know that you’ll be in contact immediately when something changes that might impact their situation. When clients feel their interests are being well-represented, they don’t feel the need to check in constantly. This allows you to focus your time and resources on the work that will have an immediate benefit.

Plan to Focus on Quality

Coronavirus has changed the standards for attorney-client communication. It’s up to you to establish new internal practices and stick to them. It’s a good idea to determine how frequently you can reach out to clients with in-depth information, rather than adding to the noise or regurgitating old news.

Once you have a plan in place, share that information with clients. You’ll be able to minimize the influx of questions by making it clear that your focus is on quality over quantity. Make sure they’re aware that you’re going to be monitoring changes in the situation, but you may not be reaching out with hourly updates.

Regardless of your chosen communication schedule, make it clear that you still have their best interests in mind. Clients want to know what to expect, and when they see that you’re being consistent and delivering on your promise, it will go a long way towards solidifying a positive working relationship.

Tailor Your Approach for Different Clients and Outlets

Our final tip may seem the most obvious, but it’s more important than ever before. When sharing information – whether through social media, blog posts, or other outlets – clearly state the intended audience. If your firm services vastly different industries, your audience needs to be able to quickly determine what information will be relevant to them. If you frequently provide information that clients deem irrelevant, your engagement will suffer.

Depending on the size of your firm, you simply may not have the manpower or the time to address each client individually. Fortunately, you can still make your advice feel highly personalized by playing to the strengths of different communication platforms. For example, if you’ve been using Twitter before the pandemic, seize the opportunity to publish short, frequent updates that ensure clients know you’re well-informed and on top of the situation.

Final Thoughts

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